Meet The Team

Dr. Warren Lieberman


Dr. Warren Lieberman began his career in yield management at American Airlines in 1984. He is recognized internationally as perhaps the world’s leading expert in nontraditional implementations of revenue management. Warren pioneered the application of revenue management techniques in the cruise, broadcasting, timesharing and equipment leasing industries. In addition, he participated in the initial applications of revenue management in the passenger rail, tour operator, and rental car industries. He is a highly respected revenue management professional and is a sought-after speaker.

Prior to Veritec, Warren led the Travel and Hospitality Industries Consulting Practice for Talus (resulting from the merger of Decision Focus and Aeronomics). He received a BS in mathematics, with a specialization in computer science from the State University of New York at Binghamton and a Ph.D. in operations research from Yale University. Warren has served as Chairman of the Yield Management Study Group of the Airline Group of the International Federation of Operations Research Societies (AGIFORS), and is serving on the Board of Directors of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS) as Vice President, Information Technology. He has published a number of articles on scientific topics, including pricing and revenue management.

Dr. Bruce Patty

Vice President of Transportation Analytics

Dr. Bruce Patty has worked or consulted for various transportation companies such as American Airlines, CSX Transportation, Conrail, Norfolk Southern, Delta Air Lines and Pacer Stacktrain for over 20 years. Bruce’s academic background in Network Optimization and his experience in passenger and freight transportation provides him with the expertise to address a wide range of issues in these industries.

While at American Airlines, Bruce developed the first automated flight routing tool that scheduled aircraft so that they satisfied overnight maintenance requirements. He was a member of the American Airlines team that carried out work in the area of Crew Scheduling and was a finalist for the INFORMS Edelman Prize.  Bruce served as the Director of Operations Research at CSX Transportation where he developed workload planning models of classification yards to identify bottlenecks. He then developed the Transportation Practice at MCGI, leading consulting efforts for such companies as CSX, Norfolk Southern and Delta Air Lines.  Prior to joining Veritec, Bruce was the AVP of Equipment Strategy & Planning at Pacer Stacktrain. As part of his responsibilities, he managed an annual budget of $70 million, providing containers and chassis for use by Pacer’s customers. He pioneered the use of analytics to manage the chassis fleet and keep the chassis-to-container ratio at an industry-wide low.

Bruce received his BS in Systems Engineering from the University of Arizona, and then an MS and Ph.D. in Operations Research from Southern Methodist University. He served on the faculty at the University of Southern California, on the Board of Directors for INFORMS, has published several papers, and regularly presents at industry conferences.

Michael Gordon

Vice President of Engineering

Michael Gordon has an extensive career designing and implementing pricing and revenue optimization systems in a variety of industries. While at Decision Focus, Mike led the development of the world’s first Origin and Destination revenue management (RM) system for Scandinavian Airlines. This system was a finalist for the ComputerWorld/Smithsonian award as Best Transportation Software Application of 1995. He also led or participated in the development of other novel transportation RM systems, including a cargo RM system for KLM which pioneered weight/volume controls as well as a rental car system for Hertz which pioneered length of rental controls.  At Manugistics, Mike led development of NetWorks Pricing Suite, which included applications for optimizing price lists, account bids, and promotion expenditures. These applications were deployed in a variety of industries, including the automotive, telecommunications, semiconductor and retail industries.

Mike has held senior executive positions in the pharmaceutical industry (at I-many, GHX, and Pricing Analytics, Inc. which he founded).  Here, he led development of contract management systems based on scoring models to segment customers and simulations of contract structures to optimize contract pricing models.

He is an expert in systems interfaces for analytical systems in a variety of industries. Mike is also an expert with many database systems, including Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and Oracle, as well as many operating systems including Unix and Windows Server.   He received a B.S. degree in Mathematical and Computational Sciences as well as an M.S. degree in Engineering Economic Systems, both from Stanford University.

Mike is a co-inventor on 2 issued US Patents:

Patent # 7,133,848 – Dynamic Pricing Issued November 7, 2006

Patent # 6,963,854 – Target pricing system Issued November 8, 2005

Jim Mullin

Vice President of Planning Analytics

Jim Mullin has over 20 years experience in designing and managing decision support systems as well as in leading ongoing operational process, program, and organizational execution to maximize the benefits of these solutions.  He has done this from the perspective of both an external systems supplier and an internal customer/user of such systems.  Jim has served in senior positions at several companies ranging from small start-ups to mature corporations.  Some of his key experiences include: Jim’s department was responsible for Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP)– the driver of inventory flow, capacity, and labor planning– as well as for transactional planning systems (product forecasting, buying, network order assignment, and removals).

Blackhawk Network. As VP, Operations, at this Safeway subsidiary that pioneered third party stored value programs such as prepaid financial and gift cards, Jim was responsible for the groups managing all forecasting, allocation, and distribution services in North America during a period of >300% growth.

Sun Microsystems.  Jim created and managed the Advanced Planning Group within Sun’s worldwide operations.  This group developed decision tools and processes to improve and streamline forecasting and supply planning across several internal and external organizations.

Decision Focus Incorporated.  Jim started his career in management sciences as a business analyst at “DFI”.  He led design and development of revenue management systems and processes for companies in the travel & leisure, package delivery, and electric utility industries.

Jim’s experience at start-ups includes work with Webvan (online grocer), DVDPlay (rental kiosk operator acquired by NCR Corp), and Looxcie (consumer electronics). He received his MS degree in Operations Research from Stanford University and his BS degree in Industrial Engineering from Cornell University.

Dr. Michael Raskin

Vice President of Research

Dr. Michael Raskin specializes in data analysis aimed at supporting practical solutions and has worked with a variety of clients in the public, private, and academic worlds.   He specializes in exploratory data analysis (EDA) and organizational concerns. Clients have included Aeronomics, Decision Focus, Talus (the merged company of Aeronomics and Decision Focus), New England Memorial Hospital, The New Haven Foundation, Gang & Gang Inc., Community Resources Services, Consumer Financial Institute, Systems Dynamics, and the National Council on the Aging. His work has ranged widely in subject matter, including revenue impacts resulting from an airline fuel mileage program, a pre-trial detention vs. bail study, analysis of the causes of operating room delays and under-utilization, predictors of adolescent suicide, consumer choices regarding home remodeling, psychological testing for selecting employees, cruise line revenue management, and designing and evaluating psychometric and survey instruments.

Michael studied at Wesleyan University, The New School for Social Research, and Hofstra College, and received a Ph.D. in Administrative Sciences from Yale University. He has several publications, including his most recent book, “The Arithmetic of Human Behavior”.

Valerie Peoples

Director, Program Management

Valerie Peoples has extensive experience in designing and implementing decision support systems and working with clients to generate value. She has managed large-scale systems development efforts, such as building business intelligence dashboards to deliver key performance indicators (KPIs) for supply and demand chain management; building sophisticated supply forecasting capabilities for hospitality-industry clients; and building decision support systems to provide analytical life-cycle cost management capabilities to electric utility clients.

She has led a wide variety of client engagements, including business process re-engineering efforts (for example, defining new work flows to leverage data available from a new Routing Optimization System at a major cruise line); risk assessment efforts (for example, developing emission models for risk analyses of power plant emissions for electric utility clients); case study analyses (for example, evaluating life cycle cost management strategies for energy industry clients). She has also led a diverse range of user interface design efforts, from business intelligence & decision support UIs to UIs for engineering codes used to design plasma physics and high-power microwave components.

Valerie has a passion for working with clients to bridge the gap between business needs and technical solutions. She has extensive experience in every aspect of user engagement, including defining business needs, translating needs into system requirements, working with data modelers and engineers to design systems, serving as user liaison and advocate throughout system development and implementation, training users, defining new business processes, and facilitating wide scale system adoption.

Valerie received her M.S. degree in Engineering-Economic Systems from Stanford University and her B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from Brown University. She began her career as an aerospace engineer building and launching satellites. In graduate school Valerie discovered an interest in using quantitative modeling methods to solve business problems and soon found herself in the world of business analytics, data science, modeling and algorithms. Her career has taken her from large corporations to small startups and has included consulting engagements in a wide range of sectors, including Travel and Hospitality, Energy, Environment, Supply and Demand Chain Management, and High-Power RF sources.

James Kosic

Senior Software Engineer

James Kosic has spent over thirty years in software development as a software engineer, analyst, and product manager building programs for industries ranging from transportation to power to pharmaceuticals. For the past 20 years he has been focused on the development of enterprise software in the application of pricing and revenue management. James’ efforts are wide-ranging, and have resulted in software, analysis, and modelling.

For example, within the cruise line industry, James has worked on projects in forecasting and optimization of booking materialization and promotion effectiveness. For commercial airlines he has developed software to optimize allocation of airline seats to wholesalers. James was the product manager on a project that developed a contract analysis tool used by pharmaceutical companies to optimally manage billions of dollars’ worth of Medicaid contracts. In addition, he has produced modeling and data analysis studies regarding electric power production and consumption and the optimization of pricing for toll roads.

James has a BS degree in Mathematical and Computational Sciences from Stanford University.