Rail Industry Expertise

Freight railroads in North America are going through a dramatic resurgence. Fuel prices and driver shortages are pushing freight off of the highways and onto rail. High investment costs for infrastructure create huge barriers to entry into this marketplace. On the flip side, Wall Street’s constant demands for quarterly earnings growth are at odds with a business that requires significant capital investment for growth and network maintenance. Improvements in decision making process resulting in improved revenues or reduced costs find their way straight to the bottom line.

At Veritec, we’ve worked with both freight and passenger railroads over many decades. Many of our staff have worked for or consulted for North American freight railroads like CSX, Southern Pacific and Norfolk Southern for over 20 years. We’ve developed decision support tools to help with strategic planning decisions, put together teams to lead the process of mergers and acquisitions, conducted marketing studies, and helped to develop operating plans. We’ve also served as expert witnesses in regulatory proceedings. On the passenger side, our staff members have brought revenue management practices and processes into play for the nation’s largest passenger railroad.

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