Market Validation

Veritec market validation

Every day, Veritec Revenue Management System (VRMS) delivers customized pricing guidance tailored specifically to more than 2,500 Self Storage stores worldwide. Every day, store managers are using the pricing guidance to advertise, price, upsell, and retain customers. Every day, Self Storage companies and owners are maximizing their revenues and profits, achieving annual revenue increases in the range of 9% to 14% percent, or more.

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“We carried out extensive testing at a group of pilot stores. That allowed us to determine that the incremental revenue benefits from VRMS were sufficiently large to justify expanding its implementation across our portfolio of stores. Not only does the software help us make better pricing decisions, but Veritec’s staff are great to work with and go the extra mile when asked.”

Steve Treadwell
Chief Operating Officer
National Storage Affiliates
Veritec Client National Storage Associates

An industry leader, VRMS is a powerful yet easy to use pricing solution for the Self Storage operator. Our software quickly won approval among operators as it provides guidance for setting move-in rates as well as rent increases, in a comprehensive, yet easy to implement manner. Our user interface draws rave reviews. Features even include visibility into store inventory and transactions.

“With large stores in New York City and New Jersey, we needed to find a system and a company that we could rely on. Veritec’s flexibility in working with us has made them a great partner for us. We have greater visibility into our inventory and transactions than was previously possible. Beyond providing us with software, their knowledge of the self-storage industry has helped us improve our rental policies.”

David Cohen
Cayre Equities

Veritec Client Treasure Island Storage

At Veritec Solutions, we are committed to our clients’ success. We strive to provide the best revenue management, pricing, and analytics support we can, to help ensure our clients can enjoy maximized revenues both now, and in the long run.

“We’ve been working with Veritec since 2014. Since that time, their Revenue Management analytics and consulting support have enabled us to earn tens of millions of dollars more than would otherwise have been the case. Veritec has helped us transform our organization so that we are far stronger in analyzing our data and anticipating future trends.”

Cris Burnam

Veritec Client StorageMart

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Download VRMS Info as a PDF

VRMS At-A-Glance

Sustained Revenue Growth
Typically 9% to 14% annually

Market Validated
Over 2,500 self-storage stores … and growing

PMS Integration
Automatic, seamless, continuous

Predictive and Signaling Technology
Smart and unique way to yield "optimal" pricing

Manage a few stores, or hundreds of stores

Pricing Life Cycle
Specialized pricing strategies for each life cycle phase

Easy to Use Sophistication
Intelligence and analysis at your fingertips; Workflow support

No Hardware or Software
And no staff to hire for maintenance; Simply managed in the Cloud

Automated Differentiated Pricing
Outsmart the competition while still giving customers choices

No Long-Term Commitment
Subscribe on a monthly basis