Software Design

Software Design Capability

Why Is Software Design & Development Important?

Taking decision support “to the next level” usually requires translating prototype models and conceptual user workflows into a system that meets user needs and integrates with a company’s IT and data infrastructure. Automating and integrating the optimal system into your overall environment can yield significant benefits in terms of efficiency, accuracy and optimized used of resources. However when not done properly these efforts often generate significant cost and disruption to the organization and can easily fail. The choices and combinations of platforms, products, custom software and integration needs can be daunting but are critical to ensuring that the business runs smoothly and at maximum competitive advantage.

Why Veritec?

Veritec’s management science and decision support expertise combined with excellent software design skills enable us to tailor applications for each client’s needs and environment. Whether we are building simple but effective “low tech” tools, an entire state-of-the-art system from scratch, or something in between, we provide the design, development, and support necessary. We ensure that our solutions interface and integrate as necessary with your company’s existing IT systems and architecture and existing or modified business processes. In certain situations we can even work with you to configure a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) approach.

A core value for us is delivering software that works and delivers significant value. To ensure this, we use an iterative, modular approach to software development that has been fine-tuned over the years to ensure that development risks are reduced as much as possible. We accomplish this by addressing high risk areas in early iterations, demonstrating key functionality, providing deliverables to our clients well in advance of system delivery, and always collaborating with our clients to the fullest extent possible throughout each cycle of design and development. We were agile before Agile became popular!

Importantly, our expertise and involvement goes beyond systems development. The success of a decision support system is the result of both strong systems capabilities as well as having supporting business process and policies in place. As appropriate, we provide training and educational support to ensure that business processes are aligned to achieve optimal success with the system.

Iterative Software Development
Any custom software we develop builds on our extensive knowledge and past experiences. We use advanced software engineering techniques and our own proprietary software “building blocks” to enable rapid prototyping and development. Yet, we are not locked into a product paradigm, and our solutions can take advantage of the latest proven technologies. Consequently, the systems we build are continually refined and improved over time. When existing products are more appropriate than custom-built, our focus is on unbiased evaluation of the available alternatives to select the products that will best meet our client’s short- and long-term needs.

We work with our clients to create and execute a “road map” that makes sense and gets you working with software in the context of your business process quickly, rather than focusing on full system requirements before starting. This allows for informed iteration rather than speculation on best approach. And, since the iterative process improves and expands on previous versions, there are no surprises when the final software is delivered.

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