Intermodal Expertise

Freight railroads in North America are going through a dramatic resurgence, led by the remarkable growth of intermodal volume. Fuel prices and driver shortages are pushing freight off of the highways and onto rail. In addition, assets are no longer solely controlled by the railroads and steamship lines. Trucking companies are now acquiring containers and marine chassis are being transitioned from the steamship lines to truckers and private equity companies. Some railroads also operate Intermodal Marketing Companies and others simply provide transportation services. Navigating through this maze of change can be quite complex!

At Veritec, we’ve worked with both intermodal companies and railroads for many decades. We’ve developed decision support tools to help with strategic planning decisions, conducted marketing studies, and helped to develop operating plans. We’ve managed marine and domestic chassis fleets, negotiated the acquisition of container fleets, and developed processes to help manage domestic container networks. We’ve also assisted in the negotiation of equipment leases, evaluated various pool strategies, and helped ports develop strategic plans.

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