Veritec Revenue Management System VRMS Dashboard

Introducing the VRMS DASHBOARD

Self-Storage revenue management information that is accessible, relevant, and actionable.

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Crafting Decision Support Solutions

Crafting decision support solutions that fit your business.

One data point at a time.

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World Leaders in Practical Analytics

World leaders in practical pricing analytics.

Let our experience benefit you.

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VRMS Market Validation

Providing pricing guidance to over 4,000 Self Storage stores worldwide

Operators see compelling value in the Veritec Revenue Management System.

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Unlock All Your Asset Value

Unlock all your asset value.

Maximize your Self Storage revenues with the Veritec Revenue Management System.

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Bridging the gaps between data, process, and results.

Bridging the gaps between data, process, and results.

Decision support is a journey, let us support your trek.

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VRMS for Self-Storage

Veritec Solution’s industry leading self-storage revenue management system. Years of price optimization expertise and best practices codified into a simple-to-use cloud solution.

Grow Your Company's Revenues

Achieve optimum top-line revenue increases based on your market conditions.

Compete Much Larger Than You Really Are

Access to world-class data-driven technologies on a pay-as-you go basis. No up front development costs.

Be Faster, More Efficient. Do More With What You Have.

A dashboard with company-wide pricing data and control at your fingertips. Easy data access for scenario planning and reporting.

Make More Confident, Fact-Based Pricing Decisions

Time-tested, market validated pricing system at your disposal. Perfect human-technology balance.

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VRMS is Serving Over
Self-Storage Clients Worldwide
Supporting Over
Self-Storage Stores
And Delivering Approximately
Price Recommendations Every Day

We began working with Veritec Solutions at the beginning of 2022 when we were operating about 60 mature facilities. The start-up process took less than a month with our team seeing benefits right out of the gate. We are thrilled that Veritec Solutions has been able to support our rapid growth, having more than doubled our store count during the year.

VRMS has been incredibly valuable to us in obtaining enhanced revenue and being able to implement different pricing strategies across our varying markets. In addition, their staff have provided outstanding support and insight in helping us manage all aspects of our pricing.

We strongly recommend their services if you are looking to take your operations to the next level.

Stephen Giuffre
Senior Director, Business Operations
Mini Mall Storage

Mini Mall Storage

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What We Do

Veritec Solutions is based on one fundamental principle: Deliver world-class, practical solutions that best address the decision support needs of our clients. While many firms have adopted a product focus Veritec maintains a customer focus.


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Pricing for Self Storage

Veritec Revenue Management System (VRMS) is a powerful pricing solution for the self-storage operator, designed with you and your customers in mind. It is a highly intuitive system that is generally helping self-storage operators achieve annual revenue increases of 9% to 14%, or more.

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Our Capabilities

Our capabilities range from general consulting services to comprehensive system development. Most typical is something in between, a solution designed to address the decision support tools and process you need to make better day-to-day and longer-term operational decisions.

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Veritec Revolutionizes Self Storage Pricing

Veritec Solutions upends the traditional methods of using "static purchase fences" and restrictions that have enabled a seemingly homogeneous product to be offered to customers at multiple prices.

Case Study: Life Storage

With approximately 500 stores, Uncle Bob’s Self Storage is one of the largest self-storage firms in the United States. In 2009, as a reaction to a severe economic downturn, Uncle Bob’s initiated a variety of programs as they sought new ways to use pricing to drive revenue growth.

Overcoming Base Rate Bias

When it comes to understanding customer needs, we often assume we know more than we do. Common misperceptions in the self-storage industry include: If rents are raised above the street rate, my customers will move out. My competitors are lowering their prices, so I need to lower mine...

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