What We Do

Veritec Solutions is based on one fundamental principle: Deliver world-class, practical solutions that best address the decision support needs of our clients. While many firms have adopted a product focus Veritec maintains a customer focus.

Veritec Revenue Management System

Pricing for Self Storage

Veritec Revenue Management System (VRMS) is a powerful pricing solution for the self-storage operator, designed with you and your customers in mind. It is a highly intuitive system that is generally helping self-storage operators achieve annual revenue increases of 9% to 12% percent, or more.

Our Capabilities

Our capabilities range from general consulting services to comprehensive system development. Most typical is something in between, a solution designed to address the decision support tools and process you need to make better day-to-day and longer-term operational decisions.


Case Study: Life Storage

With approximately 500 stores, Uncle Bob’s Self Storage is one of the largest self-storage firms in the United States. In 2009, as a reaction to a severe economic downturn, Uncle Bob’s initiated a variety of programs as they sought new ways to use pricing to drive revenue growth.

Case Study: Amazon

As famed e-tailer Amazon continued to grow several years ago, the executive team realized that operational planning and capacity management (of space and labor resources) was a critical component to achieving sustainable profitability over the long-term.