Veritec Revenue Management System for Self Storage

VRMS - Pricing for Self Storage Operators

Veritec Revenue Management System (VRMS) is a powerful pricing solution for the self-storage operator, designed with you and your customers in mind. Our solution is easy to use, effective, and comprehensive. It is a highly intuitive pricing system that is generally helping self-storage operators achieve annual revenue increases of 9% to 12% percent, or more.

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Market Validated

An industry leader, VRMS serves over 2000 stores run by over 35 self-storage operators, small to large, worldwide. Our solution quickly won approval among operators as it provides guidance for setting move-in rates as well as rent increases, in a comprehensive, yet easy to implement manner. Our user interface draws rave reviews. One of our three modules, Value Pricing, has been documented to increase move-in revenues by up to seven percent. For new stores in lease-up mode, the incremental revenues can be much greater!

“We’ve been using VRMS for about two years. It has given us the comprehensive information we need to make better pricing decisions and we’ve seen our year-over-year revenues increase far faster than we anticipated. The results to our top line have been nothing short of phenomenal! Veritec’s Value Pricing program is truly a game-changer for us.”
John Gilliland
President and Chief Executive Officer
Investment Real Estate, LLC

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VRMS provides the important, key features and benefits that enable you to price for maximized revenues.

Seamless PMS Integration

Our system fully integrates with some of the most popular property management systems (PMS) used by the industry, including SiteLink and Yardi Store Enterprise™ (formerly Centershift). Additional PMS integrations are coming soon. This means that once you subscribe to VRMS, you can use VRMS for easily  managing your prices across your entire portfolio. Data is seamlessly and automatically imported into VRMS daily. No importing data. No exporting data. No complex data mapping. No expensive programming. You get to focus on your business, easily and efficiently managing your prices across your entire portfolio.

Advanced Predictive and Signaling Technology

Our advanced analytics have been specifically designed and fine-tuned for self-storage. They have been used for more than five years by some of the largest self-storage operators. Predictive analytics must be used appropriately, and especially in self-storage, judiciously. We use a combination of predictive analytics and our unique Multiple Signal Modeling (MSM) technology to guide you to an “optimal” price now and over time. Our modeling technology automatically adapts to changes in the business environment.


Whether you have a few, or a few hundred or more stores, our software fits. That’s because today, right now, we have customers that range from two to many hundreds of stores, and we help with their pricing every day, for every store.

Complete Pricing Life Cycle Management

We never lose sight of your customer. Each phase of your customer’s life cycle, including attracting, closing, and retaining the customer, requires very specific and different pricing strategies. VRMS utilizes unique and specialized methods for each phase, like competitive pricing feeds to dynamic differentiated pricing within like storage units. Together, these methods work to sustainably increase revenues for you.

Easy to Use Sophistication

Our intuitive interface enables our customers to be expert users without a long learning curve. Despite being easy to use, you have access to comprehensive rich, actionable intelligence at your fingertips. Access data based on pricing criteria you specify, to better drill down on the things you need. Let VRMS show you where pricing changes are most needed across your entire portfolio! Export to a spreadsheet for further analysis. Use the included workflow functionality that complements and supports your business processes.

No Hardware or Software Maintenance

No need to procure and maintain software or hardware. No need to dedicate valuable and skilled IT staff to run your pricing system. Our Cloud-based solution means we completely enhance, develop, and maintain VRMS, while securely maintaining your data. We regularly add new features to make it even more powerful. Our solution allows you to focus on your business, not ours.

Automated Differentiated Pricing

VRMS Value Pricing (patent pending) provides an easy way for you to automatically and dynamically differentiate and optimize your pricing for similar units to maximize your market potential and effectively outsmart the competition, while still allowing your customers to pick their preferred units and price points.

No Long-Term Commitment

Subscribe to VRMS on a monthly basis. It’s that simple.

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Download VRMS Info as a PDF