Steve Kretsch

Steve Kretsch

Director of Customer Success

Steve Kretsch has spent more than 35 years helping companies squeeze greater profits out of the existing business models by actively managing demand and supply. He specializes in understanding the intricate relationships embedded in a business model and using control points inherent within the system to bring the business towards optimal profitability within its external constrains.

Steve began his career at American Airlines where he was one of the early innovators in revenue management. Later, when American spun out various technology related departments into the Sabre Group, he led the non-airline solutions group, bringing advanced decision support to more than a dozen industries and crystalizing a more integrated approach to revenue management.

After Sabre, Steve held various executive roles at Stolt-Nielsen, a leading chemical logistics company. In this role, he applied many of the same revenue management frameworks to strategic decisions such as buying and selling of ships and the development of innovative products and services.

This varied experience has taught Steve the value of rigorous frameworks, and the importance of applying those frameworks flexibly to reflect the constraints and opportunities found in every industry and business. He has a passion for discovering hidden opportunities and helping clients exploit them.

He received his MS degree in Operations Research from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and his BS degree in Mathematics from University of the South - Sewanee. In his spare time, Steve is a volunteer small business mentor with SCORE.