Jim Mullin

Jim Mullin

Vice President of Planning Analytics

Jim Mullin has over 25 years' experience in designing and managing decision support systems as well as in leading ongoing operational process, program, and organizational execution to maximize the benefits of these solutions. He has done this from the perspective of both an external systems supplier and an internal customer/user of such systems. Jim has served in senior positions at several companies ranging from small start-ups to mature corporations.

Now with Veritec Solutions for over a decade, Jim has largely focused on the self-storage industry as a client account manager and as the designer of several aspects of the Company's self-storage pricing and analytics solution. He is the co-author of Veritec Solutions' groundbreaking Value Pricing patent, the basis for the software module that is key to generating millions of dollars of enhanced revenue for the Company's self-storage clients.

Some highlights of Jim’s prior key experiences include managing the Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) at Amazon, running the operations group for Blackhawk Network (the prepaid financial and gift card subsidiary of Safeway) during a period of over 300 percent growth, creating and managing the Advanced Planning Group within Sun Microsystem’s worldwide operations (Sun was acquired by Oracle), and being a participant in “the Webvan Experience” as part of its business process group.

Jim started his career in management sciences at Decision Focus Incorporated where he led the design and development of revenue management systems and processes for companies in the travel and leisure; package delivery; and electric utility industries. It is also where he originally met other key Veritec Solutions staff—Warren, Mike, Laurie, Valerie, and James!

He received his MS degree in Operations Research from Stanford University and his BS degree in Industrial Engineering from Cornell University.