Michael Gordon

Michael Gordon

Vice President of Engineering

Mike Gordon leads Veritec Solution's Engineering and Operations Team and is the key architect responsible for designing, developing, and running the Company’s flagship self-storage revenue management system, VRMS. Mike's operational responsibilities include insuring that VRMS is highly available to Veritec Solutions' clients, providing business-critical access and delivering daily pricing advisories to countless self-storage facilities worldwide.

Mike brings deep expertise in designing and implementing pricing and revenue optimization systems across a wide range of industries. He held senior executive positions in the pharmaceutical industry at I-many, GHX, and Pricing Analytics, Inc., which he founded. He led the development of contract management systems to segment customers and optimize contract pricing models, critical functions for managing the complexities of the prescription drug supply chain.

At Decision Focus, Mike pioneered the world’s first Origin and Destination revenue management system for Scandinavian Airlines, which was a finalist for the ComputerWorld/Smithsonian award as Best Transportation Software Application of the year. He was also a key contributor to other ground-breaking revenue management systems, including one for KLM which introduced weight/volume controls and for Hertz which introduced length of rental controls.

Mike led development of the NetWorks Pricing Suite at Manugistics, which featured optimization functionality for price lists, account bids, and promotion expenditures. So successful were these applications that they were deployed in the automotive, telecommunications, semiconductor, and retail industries.

Mike is a co-inventor on 2 issued US Patents, number 7,133,848 on Dynamic Pricing, and 6,963,854 on Target Pricing. He is an expert in system interfaces, database systems—including Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and Oracle, and operating systems—including Unix and Windows Server.

He received his MS degree in Engineering Economic Systems and his BS degree in Mathematical and Computational Sciences, both from Stanford University.