Alden Chang

Alden Chang

Director of Marketing Strategy

Alden Chang leads the Veritec Solutions Strategic Marketing team and is responsible for the Company’s overall branding, content development, web presence, press communications and strategic initiatives. A key focus of his efforts is to highlight the Company’s core values of revenue management education and thought leadership. His team also supports partnerships that further strengthen the Company’s market position.

Alden has a broad market and executive experience. He led the marketing team for Wistron ITS, an Acer Inc. company, for its first ever English web presence in the U.S. Such a role required versatility, also serving as a senior representative and bridge between U.S. clients and greater China Company operations with contract negotiations, relationship management, and localization/software services delivery.

From multi-national enterprises to fast growing Internet services firms, Alden was responsible for 30 personnel at Scient’s Silicon Valley Office. He guided the development of a regional go-to market approach and refocused his team’s efforts towards enterprise, health and wellness, and telecom industries. Under his watch, his office exceeded all revenue and billability targets set by the Company.

Earlier in Alden’s career, he was a ranked top performer at Hewlett-Packard, and has held a number of positions from client management to system engineer. He was an early advocate and implementer of custom information systems based on the Standardized Generalized Markup Language—SGML—both inside and outside of Hewlett-Packard. SGML is the precursor to HTML, the language of webpages used by all of today’s browsers on all platforms.

He received his MBA degree from the Haas School of Business at the University of California at Berkeley. He has a BS degree in Math and Computer Science and a BA degree in English from the University of California at Davis.