The Power of Data: What About Customer Move-Outs?

The Power of Data - What About Move-Outs

In a previous blog, we talked about understanding new customer move-ins. But what about customer move out data? This “flip side” key performance index (KPI) is equally important to understand because it is about losing customers. Analyzing similar data as in our prior move-in focused blog, we consider a self-storage operator who has experienced relatively…

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The Power of Data: Understanding New Customer Move-Ins

The Power of Data (Part 1)

In a past blog, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), we highlighted an example where a self-storage operator experienced relatively stable occupancy for the past 18 months. We highlighted several core KPI’s of especially strong interest based on revenue per square foot. Revenue per square foot (when based on total square feet of a facility) is often…

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