Self Storage Fact Versus Fiction

Self-Storage Fact Versus Fiction by Self Storage 101

We are excited to announce a special event for self-storage owners and operators, the Self-Storage Fact versus Fiction webinar. This webinar will be taught by Bob Copper of Self Storage 101. It will be held on Thursday, May 30, 2024, at 11:30 eastern time. Register here to reserve your space!

Bob is the Founder of Self Storage 101, the industry’s leading consultancy firm specializing in self-storage development and market feasibility, operational improvement and marketing implementation. He has over 25 years of self-storage industry experience across the U.S. In fact, Bob has worked with hundreds of independent self-storage owners and operators to help them make informed and profitable decisions in all aspects of their business.

Moreover, Bob has also developed, own and managed his own facilities. Therefore, he has a unique perspective that easily relates to those operators he has consulted with over the many years. Bob and his team specialize in market and feasibility studies acquisition due diligence projects, facility operational auditing, and owner/operator and manager training.

The Event

There are a lot of misconceptions in the self-storage industry, and Bob will help cut through to what is fact versus fiction. The bottom-line is this: Due diligence and management is critical to self-storage business success. In this informative and interactive webinar, Bob will be covering the following key topics:

  1. An Introduction to the Industry.
  2. Due Diligence Overview
  3. How to Manage Your Property
  4. Facts vs. Fiction – What You Need to Know
  5. Question and Answer

In addition, we would like to add that Bob has authored a number of highly popular self-storage business books and training manuals. He is a regular contributor to self-storage industry trade journals. Bob is also a sought-after speaker at local, regional, and national self-storage meetings and conventions. Don’t forget to register for this can’t-miss event: Self-Storage Fact versus Fiction, by Self Storage 101!