What We Do

Veritec Solutions is based on one fundamental principle: Deliver world-class, practical solutions that best address the decision support needs of our clients. While many firms have adopted a product focus Veritec maintains a customer focus.

Our Capabilities

Our capabilities range from general consulting services to comprehensive system development. Most typical is something in between, a solution designed to address the decision support tools and process you need to make better day-to-day and longer-term operational decisions.

Meet The Team

Veritec staff are pioneers in Dynamic Pricing, Revenue Management, and Transportation analytics in industries where some of these techniques "grew up", such as airlines and hotels. Our innovative approach to pricing analytics has allowed us to branch out to many other industries as well.


Case Study: Life Storage

With approximately 500 stores, Uncle Bob’s Self Storage is one of the largest self-storage firms in the United States. In 2009, as a reaction to a severe economic downturn, Uncle Bob’s initiated a variety of programs as they sought new ways to use pricing to drive revenue growth.

Case Study: Amazon

As famed e-tailer Amazon continued to grow several years ago, the executive team realized that operational planning and capacity management (of space and labor resources) was a critical component to achieving sustainable profitability over the long-term.