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The Price Is Right: A Published Article in the SSA Magazine

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"Value-based pricing is gaining traction in self storage as technology advances make it easier to implement and operators search for new levers to drive revenue amid a recession and new supply." This article in the December 2020 issue of SSA Magazine discusses what Value Pricing is all about. It also talks about Dynamic Value Pricing.

The article cites specific examples of how value pricing is being applied and offered in the self-storage industry. It highlights specific self-storage operators, their experiences with value pricing, and how self-storage customers have taken advantage of higher value-priced offerings. The article also reviews how specific solution providers are offering value pricing in their product portfolios.

"The Price Is Right" appears in the December 2020 issue of the SSA Magazine by the Self Storage Assocation. You can also download this specific article in the link below.

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by Laura Williams-Tracy | Published in the SSA Magazine, December 2020, by the Self Storage Association.